Ba Denzel Blasted For Exposing Her Wife’s Cheating Confessions

Socialite Shadaya among other critics has criticized Ba Denzel, the cop who came out of the closet to expose his wife, Tariro’s cheating scandal after her nudes were privately inboxed to him by an unhappy partner identified as Daniel Parangeta, from Rushinga.

According to the story which is trending online, the married woman cheated his husband and side lover with side lover’s friend.

After finding out, Ba Denzel forced Tariro to confess to her brother and mother over the phone in his presence.

“I was dating someone, so I later dumped him and started dating another one. I didn’t know they knew each other. So, he discovered that affair and told my husband.

“He also showed him some nude pictures of me that I had sent him,” Tariro said.

What amazed people is that it was not the first time Tariro had cheated on her husband.

She had been forgiven for cheating but however continued with her affairs despite her living with her husband.

Here is what Shadaya had to say about the whole issue:

“Ba Denzy is a loser, this man out here confessing to the world that he’s a c*ck. H£ said it wasn’t the 1st time sh£ ch£ated, but twice already & h£ forgave h£r. So what’s changed now? Mukadzi akahura kekutanga, ndokanofanirwa kuve kekutopedzisira coz ukutobva wamuramba…

Ukatoona akazohura futi aaaa yatoo mhosva yako iyo, why uchiri naye. Unenge utori fuza kuregerera chihure coz hachipere yatove habit. At this point I believe this man can’t even fxck, no man who can fxck anoita izvi. Fuza remurume kutozo recorder kuti nyika yese izive kuti ifuza.

He is the real loser in all this, hazvishamise kunzi Denzy wacho haasi mwana wake, hakuna mukadzi anozvarira fuza rakadai. Mai Denzy waa just unfortunate kuzobatwa nema pics but kuitisa fuza iro bhoo zvekuti. Mafuza evarume anoregerera chihure ngaaitiswe kasingaperi!!!”

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