Armed Robber Loosened Up

A BULAWAYO man who was accused of ganging up with four accomplices and robbing a local motorist of his car and over US$20 000, was yesterday acquitted.

Bhekimpilo Mabuza Ncube (38) pleaded not gu!lty to armed robbery charges. Bulawayo regional magistrate Mr Joseph Mabeza acquitted him due to lack of evidence linking him to the alleged offence.

According to court papers, it was alleged that on December 19 last year at around 7.50pm, Ncube and his four accomplices who are still at large followed the complainant Mr Lucky Khumalo (44) to his house in Trenance suburb in Bulawayo.

It was alleged that the gang was armed with pistols.

The court was told that upon arrival, Ncube and his accomplices pounced on Mr Khumalo as he waited for the gate to be opened.

“On arrival at his house, the complainant stopped his car, a Toyota Lexus, in front of the gate waiting for it to be opened. Ncube and his accomplice confronted him,” said the prosecutor, Mr Milton Moyo.

The court heard that Ncube allegedly pointed a firearm at the complainant before opening fire as he demanded money.

“Ncube pointed a pistol at the complainant and ordered him to get out of his car. While the complainant delayed in disembarking from the car accused, Ncube then fired a shot towards the complainant demanding cash, and the bullet missed him by a few inches and it lodged in the dashboard,” said Mr Moyo.

Mr Khumalo got out of the car and was ordered to lie on the ground.

The court heard that Ncube and his accomplices jumped into Khumalo’s car and sped off leaving the complainant lying on the ground. Inside the car, there was US$20 760, three smartphones, and two spare tyres.

A report was made to the police and three days later, the complainant’s car was recovered abandoned along a dusty strip off Siyephambili Drive towards Ngozi Mine in Richmond suburb.

The three cell phones, which were inside the car were recovered, but the money and tyres were missing.

Investigations were instituted leading to Ncube’s arr£st.

In his defence during the trial, Ncube argued that the investigating officer did shoddy investigations by linking him to the offence.

He argued that the State failed to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt.

“The information linking me to the offence is inconsistent, and I never signed the warned and caution statement presented to me by the police in court,” said Ncube. He further contended that the information provided by the police was not credible.


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