Annah Sande (25) Gets Epworth Local Board Chairperson Post

Annah Sande has been elected as the Epworth Local Board chairperson and will be deputised by Councillor Nobody Makoni.

According to her party, CCC, the 25-year-old Sande holds a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Sociology from the University of Zimbabwe. CCC said in a statement:

Annah Sande (25) has joined a group of young and professional individuals in national politics following her election as the Epworth Local Board Chairperson. She is deputized by Councillor Makoni Nobody. Sande holds a Bachelor of Science Honors degree in Sociology from the University of Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, CCC’s Shantiel Yeukai Chiwara, also aged 25, on Tuesday became the first female Mayor of Masvingo City.

Chiwara is the councillor for Ward 2 and is the youngest councillor in Masvingo City Council.

She received 11 votes against Sharon Murombedzi (ZANU PF) who garnered only two votes.

Chiwara defeated male contestants to land Masvingo West’s Ward 2 council seat in the August 23 Harmonised Elections.

She was declared the winner after she got 2 287 votes, with ZANU PF’s Benson Hwata getting 1 304, Anderson Paradza of MDC-T with 21 votes and Charity Shoko the DUZ candidate getting a paltry 17 votes.

Cllr Daniel Mberikunashe, also of the CCC, was been elected Deputy Mayor for Masvingo City.

Mberikunashe is one of the most senior councillors in the council in terms of age and experience and this is his third term as a councillor.



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