Alleged Politician’s Son Caught On Camera Assaulting Handcuffed Women: 2 Videos

This video shows unacceptable abuse of Zimbabwe farm workers who are often living hand to mouth on slave wages.

In the two videos below, the man alleged to be former Member of Parliament Paddy Zhanda’s son is seen beating life out of 2 handcuffed women  and a man.

Watch the 2 videos below


It appears they are accused of stealing something from the man who is now a law unto himself.  Many have commented that HE should know better the use of police and courts.

We wait to see if anything will be done following this act of extreme cruelty against vulnerable farm labourers.

There are fears the victims will likely be threatened not to report this abuse to police.

One observer said:

Please Police Zimbabwe this is a crime here being committed. These people may not even report for fear of being further victimized. The man in question I hear is a son of a former MP. We do not condone the assault of women with such impunity! No ways!

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