Acie Lumumba speaks about how he caught his ex-wife, Pokello & other women doing rituals [video]

“1/The day I knew my marriage was realistically over, I used findmyiphone to track my wife to an “all night”. When I got there she was with other “church members” & I can never unsee that day. By their clothes which where at shore where pictures of Pokello and 2 other girls I don’t know with feathers of sort,

2/The place is in Manyame near the airpot after a private game park and the big flower sorting place. All cars where parked by the road side, I honestly thought she was there with another man. It was 4 girls, they used 2 cars, their clothes where inside the one car & all manner of flour looking stuff was on the floor

3/To be honest I was spooky scared, Inside the car was their clothes and a steel plate with the 3 printed pictured of Pokello and others. I walked toward the sound till I got the water stream where the girls where humming/making sounds while holding helpless chickens

4/I was half confused, half mortified and not sure what to do. I had my fire arm in my hand and my phone in the other, the moment I witnessed them walk into the water and snap the chickens to be honest I ran back to my car and went back home

5/I asked her about it after a few weeks, within no time I fell ill with a rare cancer and got hospitalised. I refused to connect the events. A few months ago, I saw pictures online and realised the other girl in the picture is someone called “Mai Judah/Matwins ”, she was on a my feed.

6/I came across this video today of the identical thing I saw That night and I just want to say to anyone out there who cares, cover yourself with the blood of Jesus because there are people who are very different out there. I don’t want to say they where doing evil coz I don’t know, but ya!

7/I then figured the clothes that where in the car and at shore where not of the same people. The clothes at shore belonged to men and in the car where theirs. Dear men, be careful with clothes.

8/ it’s been a year now & this woman with attempts made has refused to return my clothes, she packed every piece of clothing I owned & till today won’t return them. It’s wild thinking of it. Maybe she gave them to her relatives. Hameno. If you know her and she’s your church member wozondikumbirirawo, thanx.

9/I was so nervous to share because it’s not the coolest of stories to share. At my worst my friend Tino Mambeu took me to his church and the leader there told me hangu, Prophet Angel warned me before all events but the logic in me could never comprehend existence of marine power.

Last/I shake typing this thread, because when I asked her before I got sick her response was “we where being delivered,muchafa, you don’t know the things of spirit, urimwana mudiki”, I was not about to argue with a person bites huku broiler pahuro kunge akuruma bruu mango 🥭. Ye, now u can laugh at me. Want another shocker, whole time I was sick 😷 I couldn’t speak unless she was there. Imi.”


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