71-Year-Old Bulawayo Man Claims He Is A Tiger In Bed

LOVE stories always don’t have a happy fairytale ending.

You might fall for someone who simply doesn’t feel the same way you do or sometimes you find yourself jumping from one bad relationship to another.

It starts off well, then hits a snag and again you find yourself left feeling angry, disappointed and hurt.

A 71-year-old man from Bulawayo’s Makokoba suburb found himself in that bad relationship pattern.

Khulu Nkosikhona Malunga made a confession admitting that he has been in four relationships and none has worked to his liking. His first wife abruptly left him after a decade of marriage, leaving him shocked and desperate for answers.

“I came home from work one day and discovered that my wife had left. I tried to follow her, but she disappeared without giving me a valid reason,” recounted Malunga.

Despite his efforts to reconcile with his first wife, Malunga’s attempts were in vain. Eventually, he decided to move on and found a second wife, with whom he spent five years.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck when she died, leaving him devastated and questioning why he couldn’t find lasting happiness. After mourning the loss of his second wife, Malunga decided to give love another chance and married for the third time.

However, history repeated itself, and his third wife left him just like the first one.

“I was heartbroken when my third wife left, but it didn’t take long for me to notice a neighbour I had been interested in for a while. I saw this as an opportunity to pursue her as my wife,” Malunga explained.

Malunga’s hope for a lasting relationship was re-ignited when he married his fourth wife. They spent nine years together, but once again, his wife packed her bags and left their home while he was at work.

Feeling hurt and confused, Malunga is determined to fight for the love of his most recent wife, the one who left last.

“I don’t understand why all these women leave me in the same way. I believe I am good in bed and provide for them.

“There must be something wrong with them, but I won’t rest until my wife returns home,” Malunga expressed in an interview.

Despite these dating experiences he has not lost hope in finding someone to be with.

“Despite these challenges I have faced in my love life, I remain hopeful that I will find the happiness and stability I long for.

-B Metro-


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