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5 dangerous t€rrorists escape from Tunisia pr!son

Five inmates, who were labeled as dangerous Islamists, have successfully escaped from a pr!son in Tunisia. The country’s interior ministry has released their photographs and is urging citizens to provide any information they may have to help prevent “t£rrorist acts.”


The escape occurred from Mornaguia prison early on Tuesday, as announced by the ministry on its Facebook page. Among the escapees is Ahmed Malki, who was imprisoned for the 2013 k¡llings of two politicians. He is also known as “the Somali” and was serving a 24-year sentence for the ass@ssinations of secular politicians Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi. These ki!lings in 2013 triggered a political crisis in Tunisia, ultimately leading to the government’s resignation.


The escaped prisoners also include Rayd Touati, who, according to security sources, has been involved in some of the most vi0lent attacks that have shaken Tunisia over the past decade, as reported by Reuters.


Tunisia gained global attention as the birthplace of the Arab Spring in 2011 when it overthrew its long-serving ruler, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali. However, the nation is currently grappling with increased political instability, particularly as President Kais Saied has sought to consolidate near-total power.


One of the most devastating attacks in Tunisia occurred in 2015 when a gunman targeted tourists staying in a popular resort just north of Sousse, resulting in the tragic deaths of thirty-eight people. Agencies



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