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29-Year-Old Woman Confesses That Her Father Is Her Baby Daddy

A 29-year-old South African woman has startled social media users after she revealed that her father is her baby daddy.

When she was 12 years, her grandmother, whom she was staying with, died, and her father decided to take her to his home in Johannesburg.

The lady told Daily Sun:  “One day, my father informed my grandfather that he was planning on coming to fetch me so I could stay with him in Joburg. We moved to a flat, where I was staying with my stepmother, stepbrother and father.”

After moving to Johannesburg, her father started ræping her. In 2007, she then fell pregnant, and her father forced her to take tablets. She was bleeding profusely, and her stepmother took her to a hospital.

There, the doctor helped her abort.  “I was assisted to abort. I heard my father telling my stepmother that I had a boyfriend.”

Her pregnancy and sickness did not deter her father from continuously ræping her; he was even telling her that families were supposed to marry within their families.

The 29-year-old woman told Daily Sun that between 2006 and 2020, she aborted eight pregnancies. She said all these terminations were done at home.While in Grade 9, she fell sick with a minor illness and went to the clinic, where the nurses revealed that she was nine months pregnant.

After delivering her baby, her mother, with whom she had no relationship, came and took her son.  Six months later, her father decided that they leave Johannesburg and relocate to Umlazi. In Umlazi, he kept forcing himself on her, and she got pregnant.

The ræpe ordeals even made her suicidal.  “He was making me watch p*rn and taking n*ked pictures of me. I tried killing myself but woke up paralysed the next day.”  Whenever she tried to flee from home, her father always found her. He was so abusive that he sometimes cut himself and forced her to drink his blood.

After a while, she met a man who found out what was happening and helped her escape to a shelter.  She then opened a ræpe case against her father, who was arrested and charged with ræpe.

He will be appearing in court on 3 February.

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