24-Year-Old Woman Cancels Wedding With Boyfriend To Marry 54-Year-Old Man

Love is an emotion that has no boundaries and that seems to be true for a 24-year-old girl, who cancelled her wedding with her boyfriend to marry a man who is of her mother’s age.

The girl broke up with the boy with whom she had been planning to get married since college. The 24-year-old girl Amanda Cannon from USA’s North Carolina, who is about to give birth to a child, met the 54-year-old man named Ace in 2017.

Ace, who was a divorcee had vowed never to get married again and was forced to break his vow after he met Amanda. The couple dated each other for 4 years and finally in January 2021, they decided to get married. Amanda said that she just fell in love, while Ace added that he was attracted to Amanda’s beauty.  As per a Daily Star report, Ace is a dad to two children, Payton, 21, and Cade, 20, from his previous marriage but has no issues about being an older husband.

The fact that Ace is the same age as Amanda’s mum does not affect the couple, as per the Daily Star report.According to the report, Amanda is of the view that when you date an older person, it usually feels a bit different to be termed as his girlfriend. They are often perceived as father and daughter. Although Amanda is only 7 years older than Ace’s daughter, the couple describes their relationship as “perfect”.

The report stated that many people have accused Amanda of being a “gold digger” and claimed that the couple’s baby “will have something wrong with her” because of Ace’s age. But this is untrue as Amanda claimed that 90% of the comments they received are positive ones.

However, she added that for Ace saying that he has a girlfriend was an odd thing so they instead said that they were each other’s significant other.

It seems that the couple is happily married now and is expecting a baby boy in June.

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