2 Vendors & Child Escape Death As Car Crashes Into The Trio

A female driven vehicle has crushed into a vendor’s stall this Monday evening, injuring two sisters and burying a breastfeeding child underneath, at corner Robert Mugabe and Simon Muzenda in Harare.

“The car crushed on us when we were sitted by the market. I don’t know if the child is still there because he is still so young to run away,” the mother of the child identified as Scolastic Muchemwa whose right arm was broken cried for her child’s rescue.

According to witnesses, a mushika shika car (Wish) cut the lady’s vehicle who then panicked and veered off the main road driving into the vendor’s beverage cart and cardboard boxes stationed by the corner.

The lady driver could not take the blame, pinned it down on the mushika shika car which then fueled public outrage.

The child was later retrieved scratchless and alive from underneath the car with the effort and help of random male pedestrians although many suspect the suckling boy would have sustained internal injuries.

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