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19-year-old endures workplace rap£ by uncle

IN a nerve-wrecking incident, a 19-year-old woman from Richmond suburb in Bulawayo was allegedly raped by her 37-year-old uncle at his workplace after she had gone there to ask for transport money.


The man who cannot be named to protect the victim appeared before Bulawayo regional magistrate Joseph Mabeza facing a charge of rap£.


He pleaded not gu!lty to the charge and was remanded out of custody to 12 0ctober.


Allegations against the perpetrator are that on 10 July and at around 5pm, he was visited by the victim at his workplace where he is employed as a security guard and she found him locking the gate.


The victim then asked for transport money from him and he then opened the gate and the victim followed him to the back room where he resides and she stood outside waiting for him.


The perpetrator went inside and when he came back, he dragged the victim into his room and locked the door from inside.


While they were inside, he pushed her to the bed and pinned her arms behind her back and undressed her.


The victim was reportedly screaming but no one came to her rescue.


He rap£d her once.


After the rap£, he gave the victim two dollars and five rand and bid her farewell.


The matter came to light on 29 July, when the victim’s aunt returned and she narrated the ordeal to her.


The victim’s aunt accompanied her to ZRP Bulawayo central police station where they reported the matter leading to the arrest of the perpetrator.


The victim was referred to the United Bulawayo Hospitals for medical examination and a medical report was produced in court as evidence. B Metro


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