Zimdancehall Artists Baying For Chin’ono’s Blood

Zimdancehall musicians are up in arms with celebrity journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono following his recent utterances regarding their genre.

Chin’ono stirred a hornet’s nest after dismissing room for Zimdancehall going international. He cited that the genre will remain confined within the country’s borders because it lacks originality.

I have been asked my views on Zim dancehall. I stayed away from commenting although I am a qualified reggae connoisseur. Today I will, Zim dancehall will never get anywhere because it copies someone else’s culture.

Zim dancehall will remain a local gentre which won’t do much outside our borders. When Zim dancehall stars perform outside Zimbabwe, it will be to the Zimbabwean diaspora.

Reacting, Zimdancehall chanter, Seh Calaz criticised Chin’ono for crashing hope within most ghetto youths who see the genre as an escape route from poverty. Why is it everyone mazuvano ane chekutaura pa Zimdancehall,too much negativity and vari fully loaded ne Badness ,varikuda kuparadza nekupedza simba.Sa elder maifana kutaura in a way inovaka not yekutoshaisa ma youths hope,tobva tashaya kuti makamira papi chaipo momboita semune moyo nevechidiki. I respect him a lot but this time no respect

💯� because you can’t uplift the youths by bringing them down no. kwetezvekunyeba Asi imi maida kuti Zimdancehall iyende kupi? Pese apa maivekupi ? makamboipushawo here kuti isvike pamakatarisira? why now? Why showing up muchitiudza patichagumira? Its not going anywhere uri Mwari here.

Kana Mwari vada chero ukaridza muridzo unoenda ku anywhere kwamataura.

Another Zimdancehall chanter, Enzo Ishall jumped onto the conversation adding; Apotsa zvekudaro mdhara

But in his defence, Chin’ono said he is qualified to comment on the genre and the artists should accept criticism. Ita semurume Calaz. Taura kuti mudhara I disagree with you pakati nepakati kwete kutaura nechibhende kunge koso. Accept criticism by putting your better point across and then we have a mature discussion. I know dancehall inside out, I grew up in it, so you will be talking to someone who can express a genuine point.

There is nothing wrong with me expressing my view, instead of saying “manga muripi,” tell me and your audience why you think I am wrong

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