“Zimbabweans Don’t Bath, But This One!” – Controversial South African Gay Gossiper Crushes Over Prophet Edd Branson

It seems the self-styled prophet Edd Branson’s tidal influence has reached up the South African social media scene, attracting a number of netizens including the controversial gossip monger, Musa Khawula.

Musa has been crushing on Edd Branson for days if his microblogging page is anything to go by.

Taking to Twitter last night, the gay Twitter sleuth had something to say about the prophet: “They say Zimbabweans don’t bath but this one hayi,” asseverated Musa.  Musa claimed that Edd Branson was one of the few handsome men and looked clean in contrast to other Zimbabwean men.

There is a conventional sentiment rather taken for the gospel truth by South Africans about Zimbabweans.

The belief is that Zimbabweans lack hygiene and most of them do not bathe.  It was from this belief that the Twitter sleuth Musa’s alleged crush stemmed.

He believes that, unlike the popular stereotype, Edd Branson stood out for him.  Musa Khawula is known for trash-talking popular personalities and disclosing their closet gossip to the public.

He has been banned countless times by Twitter but seems to be bouncing back with backup pages such as the one he is currently using to crush on the self-styled Zimbabwean prophet.

The charismatic Zimbabwean prophet, founding leader of the Jesus Generation International Ministries, and social media sensation is currently based in South Africa.  He is widely known for controversially flaunting his wealth on social media and on the streets.

Prophet Edd never hesitates when it comes to spoiling himself with cars and showing off his lifestyle.

He boasts a high-end garage with a customized Lamborghini Urus which is also owned by controversial prophet Passion Java; a red Ferrari F8 and a 2019 Ford Mustang GT Convertible among many fast cars.

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