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Zimbabwean Drug Dealers Jailed in the UK for Running Major Black Country Drug Operation

Four UK-based Zimbabwean drug traffickers have been jailed for their participation in a drug trafficking network operating through the Black Country.

Kudakwashe Mutanga, Amon Mambinge, Arun Sahota, and Dorcas Chiradza were convicted for their involvement in this extensive drug distribution operation.

Kudakwashe Mutanga, aged 48 and residing in Wolverhampton, orchestrated the supply of more than 81 kilograms of cocaine, valued at over £3 million, throughout the West Midlands. His leadership in the operation was pivotal to its extensive reach and financial gains.

Amon Mambinge, 39, based in Willenhall, played a crucial role in the day-to-day logistics and financial movements of the illicit substances. His activities spanned from 2020 to 2021, contributing significantly to the network’s operations.

Arun Sahota, also 39 and from Wolverhampton, was deeply involved in the distribution and supply chain of the narcotics, amplifying the network’s impact across the region.

Dorcas Chiradza, 31, employed as a probation officer, exploited her position within Her Majesty’s Prison Service to access sensitive information regarding the drug dealers. This breach of trust resulted in her facing charges of misconduct in a public office, adding a surprising twist to the case.

The arrests of Mutanga, Mambinge, and Sahota in February 2022 marked a decisive moment in dismantling this drug syndicate.

Coordinated police actions led to warrants being executed in multiple locations across Wolverhampton, culminating in their apprehension.

Legal Consequences

Following their guilty pleas, the defendants received severe sentences reflecting the gravity of their offenses. Kudakwashe Mutanga was sentenced to 18 years, Amon Mambinge to 16 years and two months, Arun Sahota to six years, and Dorcas Chiradza to three years in prison.

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