Zimbabwean Cleric Claims Malawian President Chakwera Was Meant To Die In Plane Crash

A Zimbabwean prophet, renowned for predicting the deaths of various public figures, has recently asserted that the Malawian President was the intended victim of a tragic plane crash rather than the Vice President. This came after confirmation that the Vice President and his entourage had perished in a plane crash.

On Facebook, Zimbabwean prophet Obey Tichafa Mukanhiri claimed that the Malawian President was meant to be the victim of the plane crash instead of the Vice President. He supported his assertion with screenshots of prophecies he made last year, suggesting that President Lazarus Chakwera’s life remains at risk as the prophecy has not yet been fully realized.

In the comment section, many of his followers had a lot to say about his prophecy. While some believed his prophecies, others questioned whether he was just throwing around guesses. Below are some of the comments on his post:

Dumisani Alois Zoks

A wiseman will listen when a Prophet speaks

Masimba Mpandasekwa

Prophecy iri kuti president ko zvamanga mazviona makadii kuvaudza

DJLovebite Zim

But these prophecies are obvious..zvinhu zviri obvious…maonerewo angu…we need proper stuff..

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