Zimbabwe to hold the longest scotch cart convoy ever seen

THE Vaka community in Plumtree aims to be included in the Guinness Book of Records when they hold the longest scotch cart convoy — “nqolacade” — which they have termed ‘The Long Ride for Development’ to raise the funds for Vaka Primary School.

“Nqolacade” is inspired by the term “motorcade” which is a procession of motor vehicles, typically carrying and escorting a prominent person.

Guinness Book of Records

The event was supposed to be on the 1st of June but the organisers failed to get police clearance and the event has been postponed until further notice.

The community is calling on all scotch carts from Vaka and surrounding villages to be part of this historic moment.

The event will begin at Vaka Primary School to Plumtree town via Nxele then go back to the school via Kongekhaya.
The aim of the event is to raise the funds for the construction of the teacher’s cottages as the current houses are now old.

“Our aim is to raise funds to build cottages for our teachers, we have pledged the little we had as a community but we still need more, we have the builders in the community to do the construction for us, so that is the aim of nqolacade event, to raise funds,” said the event organiser, Lethukuthula Ndlovu.

The event will be the first of its kind to bring forth the other use of scotch carts since the scotch carts are well known only for transporting luggage in Plumtree.

For more information the programme organiser can be contacted on 0772857241.


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