Zimbabwe Doctors & Nurses Cry Foul, Show How Much They Are Earning

Medical doctors and nurses in Zimbabwe have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction with their remuneration. Doctors and nurses are unhappy after their June earnings were credited into their bank accounts.

A nurse who shared her earnings revealed that she earned ZWL $25,689.01, while a medical doctor revealed that he made ZWL $27,446.26 for the same period.

The official exchange rate stands at ZWL $333: US$1. However, on the black market, the rate has soared well past ZWL $500: US$1.

These figures did not go down well with some medical doctors who took to social media to share their plight, questioning how the government expected them to last a month with such salaries.

Some of the doctors who took to social media warned of an inevitable brain drain, saying they had no option but to leave the country for them to live decent lives befitting their education and skills.

A medical doctor who goes by the name Skilled Rebhara and uses the handle @drjaytee87 posted on Twitter.


A nurse who uses the name Injexion Bae also shared her earnings on Facebook writing.

This is no fu**ing calling! Musume pano ne calling! I’m not about that life. I’m a single mum with 2 kids, very intelligent kids by the way, 1 in private school, umwe in government. Both need fees, clothing, food, shelter. But hayewa fuck it mhani.

Kungoshinga kuti ndipedze bond but haiwa da*o mhaniiiiiiii

Ndukuhora 3 ma packets ematemba


Zimbabwe Doctors & Nurses Cry Foul, Show How Much They Are Earning


This is not the first time that doctors and health personnel have taken to social media to share their plight.

Just two years back, an apparently starving medical doctor in Zimbabwe went viral when she begged for money for food on social media, saying that she had to swallow her pride because she was failing to make ends meet.

Medical doctors and nurses in Zimbabwe have had a fractious relationship with the government in the last few years which has seen the health professionals going on frequent strikes citing poor remuneration and impoverishment.

The doctors always argue that they themselves cannot afford the medical care that they give to other people.

However, please note that all civil servants, including doctors and nurses, receive a non-taxable, Covid-19 allowance of US$175 per month.

The US$175 allowance was introduced by the government at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. The allowance was later increased by US$100 early this year.


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