Zim Slay Queen Joey Nyikadzino Relives Nightmarish Experience In Turkey

Popular Zimbabwean slay queen and socialite Joey Nyikadzino revealed that she had a nightmarish experience in Turkey.

In a Facebook Live video on Wednesday, the Zimbabwean actress relived what she described as a nightmarish experience at two airports in Turkey.

She said she was forced to fork out an extra US$1000 after she was blocked from boarding a flight to Johannesburg via Israel. Joey Nyikadzino said the situation was worsened because the people who were supposed to assist her did not understand English which  made communicating difficult.


In part of the video, Joey Nyikadzino said she was told she needed to have a visa to enter Israel. She was advised to buy a ticket to Instanbul for 88 euros. She said:

My return ticket I was supposed to pass through Israel and ivo vakatonditengesera ticket iroro vachitozviziva kuti ndiri mu Zimbabwean. If I’m in transit ndandichifunga kuti tinongodarika but then vazondiudza ndapa airport kuti unotodzika mu Israel then woita check-out woita check-in again so I need a visa. Of which ndanga ndakabhadhara ma tickets angu ese.

Upon arriving in Instanbul, she was advised she was unable to board a flight to Johannesburg as she had cancelled her ticket. She was shocked to learn this as she had not cancelled her ticket.

Nyikadzino was advised to buy another ticket for £300 which she said she did not have. Joey Nyikadzino was eventually assisted by a tourist who was coming to Victoria Falls for holiday. As if that was not enough, Joey Nyikadzino said she was advised her luggage was over the weight limit and she had to fork out another £100.

After paying the money for her luggage, the media personality was eventually booked for a 1AM flight back home. She vowed never to use Turkish Airlines again after her experience. Some of her fans joined her Facebook Live video in which she shared her nightmarish experiences in Turkey.

You can view the video by Joey Nyikadzino below:

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