Zim Men Won The Award Of Forgiving Cheating Wife 5 Times

A Zimbabwe Bulawayo based man has decided to emulate the life of Prophet Hosea who never got tired of forgiving Gomer, his wife who was a serial ch3at.

If there was an award for a man for forgiving his wife for cheat!ng on him with other men , Zibusisozenkosi Ndlovu would take the cup.

Ndlovu, a Bulawayo City Council (BCC) employee, is married to Diana Ndlovu and they tied the knot in 2013.

Diana Ndlovu

But their marriage is one that cannot be admired because Diana has been caught on several occasions dishing out her goodies to other men.

One time she was busted having good time in their matrimonial stadium with another man.

The couple would fight and at one point after a brawl, Diana reported the incident to the police. What is shocking and surprising is that Ndlovu, who is famously known as Zie, would forgive her.

“He has caught her more than five times but okusimangalisayo yikuthi he forgives her (What is shocking is that he forgives her),” said a very reliable source.

Now his relatives suspect Diana cast a spell on him.

“We strongly suspect they cast a spell on him because after catching her red-handed he would forgive her.

And he does not see anything wrong with that as he would maintain that he still loves her.

To make matters worse his wife’s relatives always side with Diana and they apportion all the blame on him,” said Zie’s relative.

A source close to Diana told B-Metro that last Sunday, Zie again found out that his wife was cheating on him with a local businessman.

“Zie forcibly took his wife’s phone and went through it and was shocked to see love messages and images that his wife had exchanged with her lovers who include a businessman who seems to be the one who got most of her attention,” said the source.

In an attempt to hide evidence of her dribbling, Diana smashed her phone, but it was too late as Zie had managed to transfer some of the messages and images to his phone.

The source said after the incident, the love cheat took the car keys, drove off and went into hiding.

“Diana dumped the car in the city centre. Her husband was informed about it the following day and went to get it as he had spare keys,” said the source.

After her disappearance, knives were out for Zie as Diana’s sisters blamed him for her disappearance.

He went to Kumalo Police Station to report the matter.

Bulawayo acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm that we received a report of a missing person named Diana Ndlovu that was made by her husband Zibusisozenkosi Ndlovu.

In his report, Ndlovu said he had a misunderstanding with his wife after he saw love messages on her phone and that resulted in a fight as he accused her of playing on him.

“After that, Diana took the car keys and drove away their car. She dumped it in the city centre. Ndlovu received a tip-off that his car was lying idle in the city centre and went and recovered it,” she said.

When Zie was contacted for a comment he said: “I’m in a meeting at the moment, may we talk at 3pm.”

At 3pm this reporter called him several times, but the calls went unanswered.

A relative later told this reporter that Zie and Diana were asking for privacy as they were trying to reconcile.

Diana did not answer the calls.


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