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Zim Female Prison Guard Faces Expulsion For Dating An Inmate

A female Kentucky Prison officer is facing expulsion after deeply falling in love with an inmate.

Despite her profession’s dictates which stipulate that it is against the law for an inmate to date a prison officer, Correctional Officer Miriam Muzuva still went on to indulge.

As if this was not enough to deter her, Muzuva is also married to Rojers Chiradza a fellow Kentucky Prison officer.

Reports suggest that the relationship started when the inmate received groceries from his sister who is based in South Africa.

Miriam Muzuva
Miriam Muzuva the prison guard dating inmate

Miriam is the one who took the groceries to the inmate and there were sparks which led to a relationship.

The husband, Chiradza, heard about the affairs and he confronted Miriam about it, leading to an exchange of harsh words between the couple. Eventually, she was transferred from Kentucky Prison to Harare Central Prison over the matter.


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