Zim church leaders worried over cults

CHURCH leaders have condemned people who sacrifice their body parts for ritual purposes.

Apostle Stephen Mangwanya of New United Apostolic Faith Church warned people of the dangers of plunging into certain acts.

“The Bible clearly teaches that the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil,” said Apostle Mangwanya.

“We are appealing to desperate people, who want to get rich quickly, to use biblical principles of sowing and reaping and avoid engaging in evil acts.

“Sacrificing one’s body part, for the love of money, is diabolic and anyone who engages in it will surely regret the consequences.

“The devil attracts and promises people access to things, without working, so as to deceive many.

“Let us give our bodies to God, as a living sacrifice, not body parts, in exchange for money.

“The law of giving opens doors for riches either to Christians or non-Christians.

“We are urging the youths to work and not seek to access wealth in the shortest ways possible like consulting sangomas,” he said.

Apostle Benjamin Joseph Murata of New Life Pentecost church urged people to expose those who were engaging in witch-hunting and rituals for wealth.

“It is disheartening to learn that our youths are being lured into engaging in fast lives,” said Apostle Murata.

“The best way of dealing with this is to expose anyone conducting such rituals.

“Let this include those who are duping our elderly people their hard-earned money, and cattle, in the name of witch-hunting.

“How can one sacrifice his or her toes for the love of money?

“Mhiko dzacho dzinovapandukira nekuurayisa rudzi,” he said.


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