Zanu PF’s Mutsvangwa slams ‘blabbermouth’ Chamisa; says CCC leader a habitual liar

THE ruling ZANU PF party has accused the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) of desperately using every occasion to grandstand, misrepresent facts and blatantly lie about the situation in the country.

Addressing the media in Harare Tuesday, Zanu PF national spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa accused CCC leader Nelson Chamisa of lying that the United Nations is going to run Zimbabwe’s 2023 general elections.

He also accused Chamisa of lying about a suspected bomb which exploded at his rally in Chinhoyi about two weeks ago.

“Now here is a man who is a blabbermouth, anything that crosses his mind, he utters it out even if it has no basis in fiction or fact,” said Mutsvangwa.

“Please we say to Chamisa, take your party seriously; we fought hard for the democracy which makes you opposition. Just like the ZCTU could not have existed during colonial times except after independence, we created an environment for the trade unions (although) of course they came back and bit the hand that delivered them freedom.

“Chamisa always abuses the hand that delivered him freedom by lying against the party of Zimbabwe’s liberation and by trying to give false stories about what is happening in Zimbabwe.”

He also insisted that Zanu PF will deliver a landslide victory in next year’s election.

“Our electoral machine has been fully retooled. What is left is oiling it and unleashing it against an MDC, CCC outfit who the original founders are no longer finding favour of, like Mr Tony Blair did.

“So if the original founders of the CCC are no longer found in favour of it, who can make them succeed in the next election? Nobody, so they are going to be hit by a whirlwind come elections. We want to score a victory which mimics or even outshines the one we did in 1980 which delivered Zimbabwe to independence.

“So, Chamisa CCC do not say you were not warned, the whirlwind is coming and you are going to be hit by a ball from the political heavens.”


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