Young man had a mild stroke at betting centre over Man United 2:1 loss to Brighton – Video

From all indications, sports betting has come to stay perhaps due to Ghana’s hard economy or for reasons left in the hands of the gods.

This is because betting centres in Ghana are always full especially on weekends as young men desire to make huge money via the shortest way.

As per the content, of this publication, a young man believed to be an ardent punter and fan of Manchester United couldn’t believe his eyes over the weekend in one of the popular betting centres following Man United’s 2:1 loss to Brighton.

Y’all know that Man United lost their first home match in 2022/23 to Brighton on a 2:1 score. However, this fan of Manchester United perhaps after staking huge that Manchester would win the game had no choice but to shed uncontrollable tears within.

From the video, the man nearly had a mild stroke but God’s mercy located him as he was able to stand on his feet as he continued to shed tears low-key.




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