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Woman threatens to shoot lover’s wife

A MSASA Park woman threatened to shoot her lover’s wife after she confronted her about their illicit affair.

Chipo Dailes sent a photograph of an unidentified pistol to Brenda Tsuro, the wife of her lover Trisha Tsuro.

She threatened to shoot her for stopping her husband from supporting her.

The pistol belongs to Chipo’s other lover, only identified as Clemence.

Chipo told H-Metro that her motive was to stop Brenda from accusing her of squandering Tsuro’s money.

Trisha Tsuro

Chipo argued that one, Mai Ishe, who is based in South Africa, was the one who snatched Trisha from her.

“I have since stopped dating Brenda’s husband but she shouts at me daily accusing me of squandering money with her husband,” said Chipo.

“The pistol, which I took a photograph of, belongs to my current boyfriend and I wanted to show her that someone different from her husband was sleeping at my house.

“I took the picture while Clement was asleep and he does not know about these photos.

“Brenda got frightened and took the matter seriously.

“I had a misunderstanding with Mai Ishe and I sent my conversation with her to Brenda.

“I wanted to prove that Trisha was dating Mai Ishe not myself.

Brenda Tsuro

“Clement is promising to marry me and I do not want him to know about the photographs of his gun,” said Chipo.

Brenda told H-Metro Chipo never stopped dating Trisha.

“Chipo threatened to bring Clement to my house to shoot me for confronting her about wrecking my marriage,” said Brenda.

Arikuvhaira na Clement hanzi ndakazviwanira mbinga yangu anoshanda kumahofisi anoera kwakunditumira picture yepfuti.

“She exchanged harsh words and messages with Mai Ishe and forwarded their conversations to me.

Akuitira murume wangu shanje hanzi enda unorova Mai Ishe ndivo varikudya mari yemurume wako.

“Mai Ishe, in her messages with Chipo, claims that she bought a truck from the money given to her by Trisha.

“The two are now competing to squander my husband’s money while we remain tenants without a residential stand.

“Chipo has since started a market at Eastgate Mall from the money she got from Trisha while our children are starving.

“Apart from squandering my husband’s money, Chipo threatened to shoot me using her new lover’s gun.

“Chipo’s marriage ended three years ago after she was caught between the sheets with my husband and that is the war she is still fighting to wreck my marriage,” said Brenda.

Trisha refused to entertain H-Metro for his side of the story.

Mai Ishe could not be reached for comment.

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