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Woman sues co-worker for allegedly breaking her ribs while hugging

Durban – A Chinese woman took her co-worker to court after he allegedly cracked three of her ribs by hugging her too tightly.

The incident reportedly happened back in May 2021.

Recently, a judge ordered the man to give his co-worker 10 000 yuan (R24 010) in damages after he unintentionally broke one of her ribs while giving her a hug.

According to reports, the woman from the Hunan province of China’s Yueyang city was chatting with a co-worker at their office when a male colleague approached her and gave her an extremely tight hug, which supposedly made her scream out in pain.

The woman is said to have felt discomfort in her chest even after leaving work since the man had gripped her so tightly, but she chose to go to bed rather than immediately seek medical attention. Instead, she elected to rub some hot oil on her chest.

Reportedly, the woman’s chest trouble worsened five days after the extremely tight hug, prompting her to visit a hospital for a check-up.

To her shock, an X-ray supposedly revealed that she had three broken ribs, two on the right and one on the left side of her rib cage. As a result, she had to take time off of work, which allegedly cost her money in lost wages, and she had to pay a lot for medical expenses.

However, it is said that they were unable to come to any sort of compromise because the man allegedly insisted she had no evidence that her injury had been brought on by his cordial hug.


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