Woman from Mutare marries two men

A POLYANDROUS woman stayed with her husband and her lover for months before the husband got wind of it and chucked her out of their matrimonial home in Dora, Mutare.

The woman at the centre of the storm is reportedly now staying with her lover and expecting his child.

Acting Chief Zimunya confirmed the love triangle involving Mollen Gamira, her husband, Washington Bvirindi of Bvirindi Village and her lover, Tafadzwa Manomano of Chitiyo Village.

The matter has since been heard before Acting Chief Zimunya’s court, with Gamira absconding.

“I did not see why l was supposed to attend the court session in the absence of my relatives. They should have summoned some of my relatives too, otherwise I will never set foot at that court,” she said.

The court heard that Gamira and Bvirindi were blessed with three daughters, while Gamira is reportedly carrying her lover’s child.

Acting Chief Zimunya said the bizarre relationship left his court stunned as it was revealed that Gamira would take turns to stay with either of the two men, while fooling them into believing that she was a faithful wife.

The affair with Manomano started in February, a few months after Gamira and Bvirindi had relocated from South Africa.

She reportedly then moved in with her new flame in April after finding out that she was pregnant.

“The two men work for the same company, so when the other one was off duty, Gamira would stay with him. This is unheard of and it is taboo for a woman to be married to two men at the same time.

“Both men did not know that they were being tricked. Bvirindi thought that his wife would be on duty as she used to work at a night club at Chikosi Business Centre in Rowa,” said Acting Chief Zimunya.

The Manica Post also understands that Manomano was hoodwinked into believing that Gamira was a single mother of one.

“When visiting her husband in Bvirindi, she would lie to Manomano that she was going to see her child,” said the traditional leader.

However, luck ran out when Bvirindi followed his wife to her “workplace”, only to discover that she was, in fact, cohabiting with Manomano.

After finding out that he was being led down the garden path, Bvirindi visited Manomano’s homestead on countless occasions with the intention of bringing his wife back home, but with no joy.

The three were later summoned to Acting Chief Zimunya’s court and Bvirindi surrendered all of Gamira’s property, stating that it was over between them.

However, a few weeks after the incident, Bvirindi followed Gamira and begged her to come back home.

Gamira, however, said her marriage Bvirindi is over.

She also dismissed claims that she is carrying her first husband’s child.

“He dismally failed to perform in bed when I last visited him. It looks like he was locked. He should refrain from misleading people that I am carrying his baby,” she said.

When The Manica Post visited the family at Bvirindi’s homestead in Dora last week on Thursday, Gamira was relaxing at home.

She, however, said she was only visiting her children and would leave the following day.

“It is true that I left home early this year to work at a night club and that is where I met Manomano. I was still married to Bvirindi.

“At first I tricked both men and equally treated them as my husbands but that has changed now and l am now staying with Manomano.

“When I fell in love with Manomano, I lied to him that I only had one child and that I was single. We decided that I should leave my job at the night club and cohabit. I obliged and we started staying together as husband and wife,” she said.

She added that she would occasionally visit Bvirindi under the guise of visiting her child.

After staying at home with her husband for a fortnight, she would go back to her lover.

“I left Bvirindi because he is violent. During our 10 years of marriage, he was very abusive towards me. This is why I did not tell him that I was already someone else’s wife. I feared that he would assault or even kill me,” she said,” said Gamira.

Bvirindi was not at home when The Manica Post visited and his phone was unreachable.

However, his brother, Elias Bvirindi, confirmed the development, saying his wife is the one taking care of Gamira’s three children.

“My brother is heartbroken because he did not know about his wife’s secret marriage to Manomano. He surrendered Gamira’s property to Manomano out of anger. However, he is yet to give her a divorce token,” said Elias.

In an interview with The Manica Post, Manomano confirmed staying with Gamira, adding that they are expecting their first child.

“I am pretty sure that the pregnancy she is carrying is mine because she has never been intimate with Bvirindi since December. Their marriage was already on the rocks when I met her,” he said.

He also confirmed that when he met Gamira, she lied that she was a single mother of one.

He said he only got to know that she was married after Bvirindi’s confrontation.

“She tricked me during the first days, but to err is human. I forgave her when I realised that the man she was running away from was violent. At the chief’s court, Bvirindi surrendered Gamira’s property to me, an indication that it is over between them. I only allow her to visit Bvirindi’s place to see her children,” he said.

Manomano said he is in the process of applying for a protection order against Bvirindi as he always makes a scene whenever he


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