Woman Confesses To Extracting 89 Men’s Intimacy Fluid For Rituals

A young woman has left social media users out of words after she was filmed confessing to milking up to 89 men of their sexual produce for self-enrichment rituals.

The young lady was appearing at a traditional witch hunt ceremony where she revealed that she now owns a car, a house and several shops in Harare’s central business district from these extractions which she delivers to Beautiful Mother the Great Oracle.

She went on to say that all men she has milked became infertile and it is through their infertility that she makes more money.  The video has, however, divided opinions as some found it to be a staged act.

AfricanPragmatic❁ This doesn’t look any different from makandiwa magaya “miracles”. I’ll give $50 to anyone who can prove this to be true in the sense that it actually happened and the said victims exist and have medical proof of what the woman is claiming.

Ghetto Elder It might be acting but ndine wandakaona A level aitaura dzakada kuenda ikoko mweya wacho cross examining the real person ah zviriko izvi though vamwe vachizo exaggerate zvavo

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