Winky D reflects on outfit

WINKY Drecently dominated social media with his steampunk outfit he wore at this year’s Castle Lager National Braai Fest.  The outfit was made by a local fashionista, according to his camp.

Although Winky D rarely talks about his social life, over the years he has managed to share his thoughts, through his performance outfits.  Speaking to H-Metro, through his manager, Jonathan Banda, his camp saidhe wears clothes he is comfortable with, depending on the occasion.

“His outfits depend on what he is feeling or his mood at that time and every outfit he puts on has a story to tell.“We work with local designers whom l cannot mention yet but I’m happy the fans like it.

“l have seen a lot of speculation on social media but it’s all okay, ’’ said Banda.  Going back in time,Winky D was known as the “Ninja president” as he wore Ninja costumes at his live shows.  In his last public appearance, he wore a steampunk.

Steampunk is a design style inspired by Victorian-era industrialism and it often involves serious themes and topics, such as racism, classism, and slavery.

Though Winky D has been sending some messages through outfits, one shouldn’t ignore the deep messages that he might also convey on some of his album covers.

The man speaks a thousand words in silence.His art speaks volumes.

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