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WATCH: Zimbabwean Businessman Thrown In SAPS Van For Forgetting Passport At SA Hotel, Treated Like Common Criminal

A video of a Zimbabwean businessman being treated like a common criminal by South Africa Police Service (SAPS) officers after he forgot his passport at his hotel has caused outrage online.

In the viral video, the Zimbabwean businessman was thrown into the back of a SAPS van and locked for more than 2 hours.

The man had gone out with his friends while on a business trip. After they were stopped by the police, he informed them that he had left his ID at the hotel.

The police then detained him, threw him in the back of the van, and ordered one of his friends to go and get his passport.

During the two hours, the Zimbabwean businessman was detained, the police were involved in high-speed car chases.

The petrified Zimbabwean recorded and shared part of the encounter on social media.

His video was shared by acclaimed journalist Hopewell Chin’ono on social media.

Chin’ono wrote,

“A Zimbabwean on a business trip in South Africa drove out with friends and was stopped.l tonight.

“He had left his ID at the hotel.

“They threw him into the van & asked 1 of his mates to get his ID.

“They started high-speed chases, following other people with the guy in the van.”

Chin’ono was critical of the SAPS Officers’ conduct and said they should have been more professional and not exposed the businessman to potentially dangerous situations.

“The Zimbabwean guy was petrified as he was locked in the van for 2 hours.

“It is wrong for South Africans to take their fight against foreigners to this stupid and dangerous levels.

“Arrest a guy and take him to the police station, not this madness of doing irrational stuff!”


WATCH: Zimbabwean Businessman Thrown In SAPS Van For Forgetting Passport At Hotel, Treated Like Common Criminal

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Zimbabweans were outraged by the businessman’s treatment and called on the SA authorities to do better and not profile every foreigner as a criminal.


They can call and verify, with all that drama they wanted cash cold drink. Co drink can save you from all that drama. We know saps


This is bad , real bad.


They don’t care whether one is legal or not.

On the other hand, South Africans supported the police’s actions and thought they should strictly enforce the nation’s laws. The South Africans insisted that all foreigners should carry their passports on them at all times when in the country.


Police can hold you for 48 for no reason. So you think putting someone in a van for 2 hours is something?



So in your books the police where supposed to not chase after other criminals, but to first drop of this person and then come back and chase other criminals. As if the other criminals will be waiting for them as they go make a drop off. Are you sober?


I knew when you said you’re coming to SA you’re coming with drama.That Zimbo isn’t special,he wasn’t going to be transported to the police “fast” alone.Police were doing their rounds and ONCE DONE they take ALL criminals to the holding cells. Nothing new


But that’s a norm in South Africa they normally let go the suspect after bribe has been paid.



At least he was arrested not beaten up like Zim police usually do

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