WATCH | Students wear ‘anti-cheating’ hats in the Philippines during exams

Students were filmed wearing “anti-cheating” hats to prevent them looking at their classmates’ papers while taking their midterms exams in the Philippines.

The engineering pupils wore hats made from recycled household materials obscuring their peripheral vision at Bicol University in Legazpi, Albay province, on October 17.

The class teacher, engineer Joy Mandane-Ortiz, said she thought to implement the idea while she was scrolling through her social media feed.She said: “I saw the anti-cheating hats on Facebook.

It wasn’t my original idea. I wanted to try it for my class to remind them to be honest.  “I told them to make their own hats with simple designs so I was shocked when the exam day came.

Their creativity is impressive.  “The hats helped remove some of the stress, and eased the tension of taking the exams.”

The proud lecturer said she was happy her students were so open to the idea, adding nobody was caught cheating during the tests.

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