WATCH| Popular Zimbabwean Slay Queen Jackie Ngarande Breaks Down, Reveals She Is On The Verge Of Ending It All

Popular socialite Jackie Ngarande has revealed that she is on the verge of committing suicide.

Ngarande is popularly known for being Tete Jackie on Facebook, assisting those with problems on the social media platform.

She had her followers worried after she posted on her official Facebook page that she is contemplating committing suicide and ending the pain.

On Wednesday, Jackie Ngarande said she is in a toxic and abusive situation that has existed for the past year. She said her brother, Fortune knows about the situation and has tried his best to offer her support, but she has had enough. She wrote:

I have been in a very abusive and toxic situation for the past 1 year, I feel like committing suicide today💔💔💔💔💔
My brother Fortune knows, I have tried my best,
Patience and Blessed know I have tried my best.

After posting the message, Jackie Ngarande then did a Facebook live video where she broke down and mentioned that she wants to commit suicide.

She said:

I just want to die and rest. I’m so tired guys. You’ve no idea what I’ve been through. I just want to rest.

In the video, Ngarande implies that she is not being appreciated by someone. She said:

…But hapana chinhu chinorwadza in life kuti no matter how best you try people don’t see efforts. You’re always accused of things that you don’t do. You’re always accused of being the person that you’re not. You’re always called names. Yesterday ndakaisa post ku Instagram ndikati zvoni “I just want 1000 roses delivered”. I wanna feel special again. I meant what I said because I felt like this past year from January up to now I’ve lost myself. I’ve lost myself trying to please other people.

Jackie Ngarande said she is reminded daily about the mistakes she has made in the past. She said she has been barred from talking to her friends by the person or persons.

Jackie Ngarande’s followers took to the comments section and comforted her, urging her to have the strength to go on.

In the Facebook live video, Jackie Ngarande gives her family last instructions urging her brother Fortune to take care of the family and to finish the house she started building in her rural home. Jackie asks to be buried next to her late father.

At the end of the video, someone intervenes and stops her from harming herself. You can watch the full video of Jackie Ngarande below:

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