WATCH AS “Witch” IS Caught On Camera At 3 AM

If you frequently wake up in the middle of the night and check out of the window, then this will be sobering.

Social media users are reeling in hysteria after a witch was caught unexpected on camera in the wee hours of the morning.

One Twitter user heard strange noises outside as he slept, and he decided to wake up and figure out what could be happening.

When he went to check the sounds outside, he took his cell phone and captured everything.

He slid into the living room and captured the clock on the wall; it was 3.05 AM. In the background, the dead silence is choked by the eerie sound of crickets and the terrifying shrills of a human being coming from outside.

He then inched toward the window and slowly opened the white curtain, and the camera focused on an old rusty white truck parked outside.

The frightened husband then frantically whispers, “Baby, baby. Come and see, baby. Baby!”

The wife walks to the window and shushes the husband, asking what it is.

The most hair-raising thing happens instantly.

A figure that appears to be a human being with long hair and a weird oversized robe appears above the truck. The “witch” is flying, but the movements are like a swimmer’s. Swimming in the air, essentially.


Witch Caught On Camera
A witch was caught on camera. [Image: Screenshots from the video]

The horrified couple quickly closes the curtain as the witch, whose eyes are scaringly glowing, moves towards them.

They then open the window, and the witch is hovering still mid-air, staring at them. In an instant, the witch makes a brisk dash and flies towards them.

The husband screams, and his wife scuttles away. Watch the scary video below.




Twitter users were petrified by the witch caught on camera.



The last part… That ghost was like, come here, wena sf*b!!!


😂😂😂 thank Goodness I didn’t see this last night. Lmao, what the hell, man?


The problem is I am alone in this house, so I now have a problem.


What did I just watch 😭😫 how did I get here? Why did I see this post 😭😭 how do I unsee this 🤧

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  1. Why didn’t they bitten him or rather call the neighbors because if it was here he would have died on air 🤣🤣🤣

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