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WATCH: AKA and Cassper Nyovest get physical – See who got the beating of a lifetime

As far as celebrity beef goes, no one does it quite like local rappers AKA, ( Kiernan Forbes), and Cassper Nyovest (Refiloe Phoolo).

After years of continual jabs, their beef has reached yet another unnecessary boiling point.

The pair were spotted at the same event this weekend where AKA performed his timeless diss track Composure to a crowd filled with his fans, while Cassper Nyovest sat in the crowd.

Humiliated and looking for redemption, Cassper met AKA outside in an attempt to physically settle the fight. Security quickly stepped in, pulling the pair apart


Social media users have been going absolutely wild over the physical close call. One Twitter user said:

“Cassper is so desperate for a fight with Kiernan cos musically he already lost. Hip hop is about bars not gloves. Aka is about hip hop, not twerking in the ring like a promo girl”

Of course, Cassper had to respond. In a series of tweets, he speaks about getting into the ring with AKA to finally put the beef to rest.




How the beef started

With almost a decade of beef under their belt, it’s definitely hard to pinpoint where it all began. I think most have forgotten what led to the growing hate between the pair.

It all began with a now deleted tweet from 2014 in which Cassper Nyovest would claim his song Doc Shebeleza was the biggest on iTunes and not Zippyshare, as a jab towards AKA, who clapped back by sharing his sentiments, as his song Congratulate was also in the top 100 charts on iTunes at the time.
However, in 2015, AKA sang a different tune in a sit-down interview with MTV. Aside from calling the origins of the beef lame, AKA went into great detail about why the two rappers could not see eye to eye. In the interview, he said Cassper Nyovest had lied about not having support in the industry, when, in fact, he had a whole team of rappers rallying behind him, including AKA, who said:

“He was coming up around the Gusheshe time … and I’ve always looked out for new artists. One day I think he had put out his video, and the next day he went off about ‘I don’t have support, no one is holding me down’. We kind of fell out, maybe because of the things he said on Twitter, as people do.

“Hip-hop is all about flexing, so it’s no surprise that, in an art form based on competition and ego and confidence, two egos won’t get along.

“When it comes to Cassper, maybe I’ve become a bit of a victim of my own success, but, at the same time, when it’s time to go head-to-head, I don’t back down. I don’t back down from a challenge. I don’t view it as a distraction. It is what it is,” he added.

The pair haven’t relented in their battles since.

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