WATCH: ‘Airplane seats are too small for my big nyash’ – IG Model Gracie Bon complains [video]

WATCH: ‘Airplane sits are too small for my big nyash’ – IG Model Gracie Bon complains – Australian Instagram model Gracie Bon recently took to social media to express her concerns about the lack of comfortable seating options on airplanes claiming her backside is thrice the size of an ordinary person’s.

In a lengthy Instagram story, she shared her experience of being a plus-size woman on a flight, noting that the narrow seats made it difficult for her to sit comfortably.

Bon, who has over 200,000 followers on Instagram, shared that she had to endure an uncomfortable six-hour flight due to the insufficient seat size on the plane. She said that she was constantly worried about spilling over into the seat next to her and disturbing other passengers.

She further added that instead of fat-shaming people, airlines should have more accommodating seats for people of different sizes and shapes. She also pointed out that even regular-sized people face issues with the cramped seating on airplanes.

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Bon’s post received widespread support from her followers, with many sharing similar experiences of discomfort and difficulty on flights. Some also criticized airlines for their lack of consideration for passengers’ comfort, while others suggested implementing varying seat sizes on planes.

This is not the first time that complaints about airline seat sizes have surfaced. There have been calls for better accommodations for plus-size passengers, but airlines have been slow to implement significant changes. While some airlines offer wider seats for an additional fee or allow larger passengers to purchase an extra seat, there is no universal solution to this issue.

Gracie Bon’s social media post has raised awareness about the discomfort that many passengers experience on flights. It highlights the need for airlines to provide more comfortable seating options on planes, not only for plus-size individuals but also for all passengers who struggle with the narrow seats.

Watch video below:


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