VIDEO| Ritual Or Kind Gesture?: Stampede At Ximex Mall As Mystery Man Throws USD Cash

There is a new Mbinga in Harare if the events of Thursday afternoon are anything to go by.

A mystery man only identified as Pango caused a scene in Harare’s central business district when he made it rain United States dollars.

Pango was in a Toyota Aqua vehicle spraying the elusive green buck in Zimbabwe at Ximex Mall in the area between  Innez Terrace and Angwa Street near Zimpost offices. The people who were in that area were seen scrambling for the money.

Watch the video below:

It is not clear why Pango made it rain United States dollars at Ximex Mall but the gesture did not go unnoticed on social media where people theorised why he threw USD cash.

A section of Zimbabweans in the comments section theorised that Pango made it rain as part of a ritual. iHarare presents some of the comments below:

Mari iyoyo uchiisa mahomwe yakutora yawaswera uchitengesa airtime😢😢
Apa zvinenge zvanzi wese anoitora unobva wamutorera makomborero ake ese ekuita mari😂
Mucharombeswa nekuda mari kwenyu uku..sure nekuoma kwakaita zvinhu muZim munhu ongokupa haha😂😂😂😂
A section of lighthearted Zimbabweans observed that men were the majority of the people who scrambled to get the precious green buck. Below are some of the comments:


How come it’s only men running 


Not someone’s boyfriend almost dying achidawo mari😂..Zimbabwe isadaro😂


Someone’s boyfriend spotted achinhonga mari 😢😢 Pliz vaskana ipai vakomana venyu mari 😂😂


Munongoti henyu vakadzi vanoda mari 😂😂 honai varume vari apa😂😂 uhmmm

In June this year, a dealer at Ximex Mall was responsible for the Zvigunwe/Toes craze that gripped Zimbabwe for some time.

According to the dealer who was later arrested, people could sell off their toes for money.


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