Unmannered Tryson Chimbetu attacks his mother

TRYSON Chimbetu launched a bizarre attack on his mother this week by calling her a witch and a prost!tu.te.

The drama, which was witnessed by this reporter, attracted the attention of scores of Glen View residents.

It remains the talk of the neighbourhood.

The dendera musician launched his vicious attack on his mother at their family house.

The singer, who is no stranger to controversy, went on to exchange blows with his younger brother, Wilmore.

Prior to the fracas, he was accused of damaging his brother’s vehicle.

No police report was filed as the family said it wanted to resolve the case on its own.

Better known as Sekuru Dhimba, Tryson recently grabbed headlines for playing loud music at night, disturbing neighbours.

His latest episode will be another stain on his image.

During the argument, Tryson argued that he was only fighting for his rights.


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