Ugandan pastor beats members for not attending church [video]

Ugandan pastor beats members for not attending church – Ugandan pastor Paul Muwanguzi has sparked outrage after he was filmed physically assaulting members of his church for not attending a service.

The video, which has gone viral show the congregants lying down while he passed around with a whip and as he flogs them, and they would get to take up their seat.

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This has triggered significant backlash online.

The incident, which occurred in Uganda, has led many to question the rationale behind the brutal punishment handed out by opinion leaders.

Watch video below;

In other news, a Nigerian man has generated conversation on social media after sharing his opinion on when churchgoers should seek a potential spouse.

Contrary to popular belief that Sunday services are the best time to meet a partner, the man instead recommends Wednesdays as the ideal day to attend church for this purpose. In his view, women who attend mid-week services are more devout and less likely to be “slay queens” compared to Sunday churchgoers.

The term “slay queen” is often used to describe women who are more focused on their appearance and social status than their religious beliefs. The man’s comments have sparked a debate, with some agreeing with his thoughts while others have criticized them as being judgmental and stereotypical. Supporters point out that attending church midweek is a significant commitment, requiring a higher level of devotion and dedication.


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