To Apologize or Not To Apologize to Kelly Khumalo: South Africans Debate As New Evidence Suggests Longwe Twala Killed Senzo Meyiwa

South Africans are contemplating whether they should apologize to songstress Kelly Khumalo or not after new evidence emerged suggesting Longwe Thwala is the one that killed the late footballer Senzo Meyiwa.

This comes after testimony from Tumelo Madlala suggests that Longwe, the son of musician Chicco Twala, killed Senzo Meyiwa and ran off.

The statement  which has come to the public’s attention reads;  “I was for the first time to see Longwe Twala, and I did not tell anyone or the Meyiwa family that Senzo was killed by Longwe Twala, because he did not have a firearm with him, instead he ran away.”

For years, Kelly Khumalo has always been accused of killing her baby daddy Senzo Meyiwa with many calling for her immediate arrest.

However, with this new revelation, South Africans have started debating on whether they should apologize to Kelly Khumalo or not since the new evidence now pinpoints Longwe Twala.

The general majority of netizens of Twitter have, however, vowed never to apologize to Kelly Khumalo as they argued the songbird should be arrested instead because she withheld information and defeated the course of justice.

Netizens added that Kelly Khumalo should be the one who has to apologize to all South Africans and Senzo Meyiwa’s family because she knew all along who killed the late footballer and chose to keep quiet whilst ‘innocent’ men were arrested for a crime they didn’t commit.

Check out some of the reactions;

@_LeratoMabuza;  Mzansi must start drafting an apology to Kelly Khumalo 📝  #SenzoMeyiwatrial  @lesleybanda2;  She did worse part she was there wen it happened so there’s no excuse at all nobody owes her an apology she should apologize to mzansi, Senzo family and Orlando pirates 🏴‍☠️

@Nkululeko82;  why should mzansi apologize to someone who has withheld information about who killed her baby daddy. The fact that she’s been lying about the whole thing makes her guilt as well

@NyanakiDaki;  “Kelly made a call and the police 🚔 fewer minutes later they drove away from the house.” That alone from Tumelo’s evidence says a lot about Kelly Khumalo involvement in Senzo’s killing.

@_thabang_m;  Everyone who was in that house must be arrested and charged with murder. Their scheme is so evil the kid who witnessed the scuffle who was out in the street later died.

@nkulikankuli;  If Longwe killed Senzo then Kelly’s testimony defeats the ends of justice why would we apologize?

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