This Is How Much Rick Ross Was Paid For Last Night’s Performance

Social FBI has unearthed the exact amount American rapper Rick Ross was paid for his maiden performance in Zimbabwe last night.

According to a journalist, Nickson Mpofu, the rapper was paid USD175 000 000 .  Ricky Ross was paid USD175 000 for last night’s performance at HICC. Akaita lip sync for 50 minutes.

The development has however evoked a mixed bag of emotions as some complained about the value promoters give to foreign artistes over local ones.

Proff ISteve Abiola  Dai vakapa baba sharo mari yese iyo na mark ngwazi 1 week 24/7 pungwe magitare achitsva

Malcolm Moyo  Then local artist where given 100 dollars  And a different camp was more worried about how far the amount could have gone had it been channelled towards the country’s crippled health system.

Bee WekwaMuringani  Imagine what $175,000 could have done for our ailing health system 💔💔💔💔.   Chiiko, kushaya hanya here, hutsinye here? Is it stupidity??? 🤔  Meanwhile, Ross shut down Zimbabwe and left fans in awe with his electric performance.

Ross — born William Leonard Roberts II — staged his maiden performance in Zimbabwe courtesy of global media and entertainment company, ROAR Entertainment.

Die-hard Hip Hop fans were in for a treat at the Harare International Conference Center (HICC) as Rick Ross delivered a world-class performance.  Judging from the concert videos which have since gone viral, Rick Ross wowed the crowd and left them wanting more.

In one of the videos shared on social media, the crowd can be seen and heard vibing to his performance. The crowd had their phones out recording each and every song performance.

Meanwhile, in what some found to be a humiliating development, Wicknell Chivayo’s car which was supposed to ferry Ross from Robert Mugabe International Airport burst a tyre before even taking off yesterday.

An eyewitness told iHarare that the moment Ross entered into the vehicle it burst its front left tyre. Ross had to be whisked into a blue Merc whose owner could not be ascertained.


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