“The Local Artiste In Zimbabwe Is A Nobody”- Nutty O Speaks Out After Getting Snubbed At Rick Ross Show

Multi-award winning Zimdancehall chanter and man of the moment Nutty O has taken to social media to speak out after he got snubbed at Rick Ross concert.

Nutty O was billed to curtain raise for the US rapper Rick Ross in Harare last night but ended up not performing.

According to reports reaching iHarare, his team was not given a chance to perform or to be in the backstage.

Taking to Facebook to speak about his non-performance at Rick Ross Show, Nutty O said that he was honored to have been part of Rick Ross poster.

He however bemoaned how he was treated like a nobody at the show.  Was honored to be part of the Rick ross poster it’s a big positive, however, the big news is the local artiste in Zimbabwe is a nobody💯 and this is a conversation many of yall are not ready for kkkk or Ka issue kasina basa futi.

#abilityxtentionThe Handipere Power hitmaker said that he was appalled by the amount of disrespect that was rendered to local artists at the show.

“The amount of disrespect that was rendered yesterday to local artists was appalling, I have never seen that..” – Nutty O said.

Nutty O’s fans have since taken to social media to express their disappointment with the show organizers for snubbing Nutty O and for being disorganized.

Meanwhile, the concert was reportedly marred with a lot of controversies. Not only did the program start very late, but it also was not followed at all.

Several acts like  Enzo Ishall that were not on the poster and line-up got a chance to perform before and after the main act while artists like Nutty O were sidelined.

Rick Ross reportedly ended up going on stage ahead of the scheduled curtain raisers.


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