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The ANC will be successful in the 2024 elections: Ramaphosa

The African National Congress (ANC) President Cyril Ramaphosa says he is confident that the party will be successful in the 2024 elections. He says they are ready for the battle adding that confidence will be restored amongst the people. The Letsema campaign aims to accelerate service delivery in the country’s provinces.

The ANC President visited 80-year-old Ouma Martha Louw who celebrated her `birthday and handed over a house to her. She said for more than 20 years she has been living in a dilapidated house.

During his second stop, he paid a visit to 48-year-old Mapule Ngesi. She is a mother of four and has been living in Kimberley for the past 13 years.

She says she was excited when the president entered her yard.

“I was surprised to see the president entering my yard. He asked me about my kids and how we are doing and if I am working and if my children are going to school,” said Ngesi.

Kimberley residents have been struggling with issues like potholes, sewage spills, water cuts, and dirty water for several years.

“In our area, it’s the houses, you can see how they look and the yards are small and there are no creches around here, that is what we wish for, mostly the houses, here we are renting and I am not working, also a single parent,” she said.

Ngesi gave the ANC a time-frame to fulfill their promises.

“I want to give ANC six to seven months to fulfill their promises what the president and mayor told me here. So they are going to help me with the bursary and they are going to make sure that I am getting something better than this house. We are going to get some jobs and the area is going to change,”

Ngesi says if the ANC doesn’t deliver on their promise she will leave the party to a part that delivers.

Ramaphosa says he is confident that the party will be successful in the 2024 elections. He says they are ready for the battle and confidence will be restored amongst the people.

“We are getting ready, we are working towards the 2024 elections and part of the whole process of Letsema as we revive our branches is to make sure that they are ready for battle in 2024. We are confident that we are going to be successful and we are confident that the confidence of the people will be restored to the African National Congress,” said Ramaphosa.

On the sidelines of the event, he said the new Eskom board has a responsibility for load shedding to end. He says government will provide the board with the necessary resources for the lights to stay on. Public Enterprises Minister, Pravin Gordhan announced the new board on Friday.

“So we have a great deal of confidence in that board, they now have the responsibility to lead Eskom forward, and of course from our side as government, we will continue to engage with Eskom, because our key focus is to ensure that our load-shedding come to an end. We will support the board, we will give them various resources that they need to make sure that energy is restored to the level that South Africans expect,”

Ramaphosa reiterated that government will implement the recommendations by the Zondo Commission. He again said they are dealing with corruption that’s affecting the country negatively.

“We’ve tackled state capture, which was a huge dampener of enthusiasm of our people towards ANC. State capture has stopped. We are rebuilding our various government institutions, we are tackling corruption, we are dealing with the implementation of the zondo commission, and we are going to implement the Zondo commission, which unraveled a lot of horrible things that have been done in the past,”

The ANC in the Northern Cape has expressed its support for Ramaphosa to lead for a second term. Branches are expected to start convening on Sunday to prepare for the December conference.


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