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Suspected murderer, who killed, chopped teenager’s body into pieces found dead

THE body of a Stoneridge man, who was accused of killing his friend in cold blood and slashing his body into pieces, was yesterday found floating in a pool.

Leeroy Urayai, who reportedly confessed to killing 16-year-old Emmanuel Nhunzvi to his relatives before disappearing from home, died aged 20. The Police Sub Aqua unit team retrieved the body of Leeroy and his father positively identified him.

Nhunzvi family spokesperson, Dadirayi Machingauta, told H-Metro that Leeroy first lied that he had killed a wild animal, after blood was found in his room.

“The body found is that of our son, who killed his friend,” said Dadirayi.

“We last saw him on the day he confessed to killing Emmanuel.

“On the fateful day, Leeroy tried to pretend as if nothing had happened and he was reported to have told one of his friends that he wanted to get away with a roasted meat in his house.

“Akatonokumbira bhara akauya naro pamba asina kuziva kuti ndakange ndawona ropa mumba.

“Upon arrival, I confronted him over the blood in his house and he, at first, claimed that he had killed a wild animal, a hare.

“I was not convinced and he later disclosed killing Emmanuel and stashed the body in a box which he dumped at a room next door.

“On discussing about this with others, Leeroy disappeared from home,” she said.

Southley Park and Stoneridge residents thronged the unprotected dam to catch a glimpse of the retrieved body.

“Chinamanenji hachifambisi chokwadi, chinomirira kuti mavara acho aonekwe,” said one of the residents.

“Death of Emmanuel instilled fear in us especially when young people no longer respect the sanctity of life. Losing Emmanuel and Leeroy affected us considering their age and we want people selling illicit beverages to face wrath of the law

“Abuse of drugs is rampant in this area and this is a major cause of such heinous acts.”

The pool, in the middle of houses, was created by the exploiting of quarry, posing danger to residents, especially children.


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