Sucking Of Breast By Men And Children Cannot Cause Breast Sagging In Women – Dr. Amma

There has been a wide rumor concerning the sagging of breasts as far as “men” and children sucking and breastfeeding are concerned respectively.

These assertions have been refuted by a current study which seeks to bring to light that breastfeeding or the act where men suck on women breasts have no chance to cause sagging of breast in women.

The Head of the Paediatric Department, International Maritime Hospital, Dr Amma Benin, affirmed to this wildly held rumour that it is never true.

Dr. Amma Benin said, “ There is no scientific evidence that breastfeeding is a possible cause of sagging of breast in women”.

Clarifying the issue more, Dr. Amma went on to say that certain women have their breasts sagged before they deliver and began to breastfeed.

In her years of practice, these assertions have existed and had been in her circles for long.

Speaking more on the need to know or become aware of children, women etc health, Dr. Amma expressed that, “Breastfed babies grow beautifully, gain weight, urinate and pass stool regularly, an indication that the baby is getting enough milk.”

Clearly, the enormousness of breasts have no effect in the production of breast milk.

It is important that issues of these nature are reported to the nearest hospitals and clinics for immediate response.

Most men nowadays loved to play with the breasts of their partners.

This has created the impression in the minds of many that the constant back and forth actions of the breast results in sagging of breast in women.

Though cleared by Dr. Amma Benin, there are other people who believe that men sucking of their partners breasts have a lot of effect on how the breast looks.

Essentially, this write up is to help debunk the impression that men “feeding” on their partners breast can lead to breast sagging.

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