Man suffers a nose injury after having strange s£x style

Story by Daphnne Nyakanyanga

Man suffers a nose injury after having strange s£x style – An unusual and intense s£xual encounter led to a hospital visit for an unidentified man who sustained a significant nose injury.

The incident occurred when a woman, who was also unnamed, engaged in an unconventional and risky s£xual position, which involved riding on the man’s head with her large buttocks.

The video, which has since been widely circulated on social media and picked up by Afrogazette, captures the bizarre scene.

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The man is seen lying on a bed, while the woman, fully unclothed, straddles his face in a seemingly vigorous and dominant manner. Initially, the pair appear to be thoroughly enjoying their intimate moment, with the man’s compliance suggesting a consensual and adventurous encounter.

However, the situation quickly took a turn for the worse. The weight and pressure applied to the man’s face during the act caused him to his nose. The serious injury to of the injury  necessitated immediate medical attention, and the man was promptly hospitalized.

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In the aftermath, medical professionals assessed the damage and began treating the man’s injured nose. Although details about his current condition have not been fully disclosed, it is evident that the unusual s£xual position led to an unintended and painful consequence. The incident has sparked a mix of reactions online, with many expressing shock and surprise at the risks involved in such extreme s£xual practices.

The video, which has garnered a significant amount of attention and sparked widespread discussion, serves as a stark reminder of the potential hazards associated with unconventional s£xual activities. It underscores the importance of ensuring safety and mutual consent in all intimate encounters. Afrogazette

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