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South African Media Veteran Sizwe Dhlomo Gushes Over How He Interviewed Late Zimbabwean Opposition Leader Morgan Tsvangirai

Media veteran and Kaya 959 presenter Sizwe Dhlomo has recounted how he once interviewed the late Zimbabwean opposition stalwart, Morgan Tsvangirai.

Sizwe was a guest on the 7 November episode of Podcast And Chill with MacG and spoke in-depth about his extensive broadcast career.

The podcast hosts gave Sizwe his flowers and asked him to name the global icons he has interviewed in the past.

The veteran television and former MTV presenter revealed that he has interviewed the likes of former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Michelle Obama, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Aliko Dangote, 50 Cent, Nas, Jay Z and Beyonce and Wyclef Jean.

Sizwe Dhlomo also recounted a memorable experience in which he interviewed the late Morgan Tsvangirai, the then-president of Zimbabwe’s main opposition party MDC-T.

He recounted:  “There was a time when there were elections in Zim when Morgan Tsvangirai was still alive.

Morgan Tsvangirai had been beaten by the ZANU PF guys, so he was in hiding, and he came to South Africa. And the [MTV] guys in New York reached out to us and said, ‘Yo man, we’ve got an opportunity to interview Morgan Tsvangirai.

He is in hiding in South Africa. Can you guys do it and then share the footage with us?’   “That’s the other thing that happens because it’s a global network. So I went to go do an interview with Morgan Tsvangirai.

For the first time, I felt like I was doing grown-up TV. Because all along, I had just been doing entertainment.

And that interview was used by Gideon Yago in the US.”In the episode, Sizwe also revealed that he owns multiple business ventures, and it’s safe to put him high up there as one of the wealthiest multi-millionaires in the entertainment space.

He said he owns many commercial and residential properties, mines and farms, including one which grows timber.

Sizwe also stated that back when he was at YFM, he was too rich to be bribed by rappers and drove a car more expensive than that driven by the station’s CEO then.

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