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“She Strikes Again Eggcellently!”| South African Slay Queen Sells Eggs In The Street Wearing Crates Only

Controversial slay queen and social media personality Queen Minaj has shocked online users following her viral pictures in which she was selling eggs in public, covering her body with egg crates.

The slay queen has gained notoriety for going in public and flaunting her poorly-covered body, leaving several men both online and offline drooling over her.In one of her latest nude antics, the tattooed social media personality put on thongs, and she was ready for the streets with no bra.

She then took empty egg crates and used one to cover her pubic area and another to shield her bare chest.  Even though the egg crate covered the front part of her breasts, it left the sides visible.

The bare feet red-haired slay queen then stormed the street to sell a full crate of boiled eggs seasoned with Aromat on a beautiful sunny day.

What a marketing strategy! Click here to view the controversial pictures.Facebook users expressed mixed feelings as Queen Minaj splashed Facebook with her barely-covered body, save for egg crates and a pink thong.

Check out their reactions below.  Morota:  “She can sell six crates in one day…and your man also bought ten eggs and ate them next to the girl 😂😂😂”

Sphamandla:  “This market is not for eggs. It’s for what brings the eggs to the world.”  Nthabiseng:  “🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️💨 I’d rather sell Avon or Tupperware for my kids to eat.”  Pinterkon:  “I’m sure it keeps the change for every guy customer, nice marketing strategy.”

Angie:  “Her target market is clear, and women aren’t it.. imagine your Man coming home with 5 of those, and then you see this 😂😂😂😂😂”

Last month, the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) in Limpopo threatened to open a case against Queen Minaj, whose real name is Lunya Makua, after she took and published pictures of herself half-naked while with elementary school kids in Lebowakgomo.

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