‘She reacted with an ok’ – Black Coffee Talks About Reaction From Ex After Gifting Her Fancy Car (video)

‘She reacted with an ok’ – Black Coffee Talks About Reaction From Ex After Gifting Her Fancy Car – Famed DJ Black Coffee shared a personal story about a previous relationship on Kaya 959. The South African musician mentioned buying a lavish and expensive car for one of his exes and how she reacted to the gesture.

The hitmaker stated that the vehicle wasn’t an everyday car and was pretty fancy at the time of purchase.

However, her response to the glamorous gift was not what he had anticipated.

In a Twitter video posted by user ThisIsColbert, Black Coffee recounted his ex-girlfriend’s underwhelmed reaction to his generous present that ultimately crushed him.

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This story has since garnered attention and has sparked debate among social media users. In relationships, people often have varying ways of expressing appreciation for actions or presents from their significant other. Some individuals may display their contentment outwardly, while others may be more reserved in their reactions.

Despite the difference of opinions on how one should react to lavish gifts, Black Coffee’s story resonated with many people, who identified with the feeling of not having their efforts acknowledged or appreciated.

Netizens weigh in on Black Coffee’s story

“Zimbabwean socialite Shadaya criticized modern womẹ́n for Iacking gratitude and feeling entitled. He supports expecting gratitude for gifts, viewing them as a portion of one’s life given.

In his reply to Black Coffee story, he had the following to say:

Black Coffee said he once bought an expensive gift (a car to be specific) for his ex wife Enhle Mbali and she simply reacted with an “ok”. He expected more for his gesture, in his words he wanted her to even cry. And somehow he is being criticized for saying that, being termed narcissistic What’s narcissistic about buying someone a gift, an expensive one for that matter and expecting gratitude for your gesture? Gratitude is a trait that any woman who wants to be in a man’s life should have. No matter how small or big it is, you have done for her, it should be accompanied by an enthusiastic “thank you” clapping her hands on her knees It shows appreciation of your efforts. The problem with modern women is they feel entitled to all these things. In their heads, men owe them the princess treatment. Don’t let these women shame you for expecting gratitude for your efforts, it’s your money that you spent on her, she should be grateful When you give a woman money or buy her a gift, you have just given her a portion of your life – that’s your blood, sweat and time you’ve given her. Don’t tolerate ingratitude, let her go Learn OR perish!!!”.

Watch video as Black Coffee speaks



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