Shashl Biography: Real Name, Parents, Boyfriends, Leaked Video

Shashl is hogging the headlines after an intimate video of her and her former boyfriend Levels leaked online.

While many know her as a musician, there is more to Shashl than her singing talent and the controversy surrounding her name.

Here is a brief biography of Shashl:

Real Name

Shashl’s real name is Ashleigh Angel Moyo. Her parents are Obadiah and Lucy Memory Moyo. Her father is a Zanu-PF politician and former Minister of Health and Child Care.


Shashl has 3 siblings including a sister named Sherris.


Youth Village Zimbabwe reports that the svelte songstress did her high school at Dominican Convent, one of the most prestigious girls’ schools in Zimbabwe. Growing up, she planned to study medicine but life had other plans for her.


As A Musician  Despite coming from a wealthy family and having her life set at a tender age, Shashl was determined to create her own name, divorced from her father’s.  She started singing at a very young age and in 2017, she dropped her debut single, No More.

One Zimbabwean executive at Universal Music, Stanley Botsch, heard Shashl and was blown away by her soulful music.

He then facilitated things for Shashl and Universal Music swooped in and signed her when she was only 18.

This move made her the first female Zimbabwean musician to be signed under the US-domiciled label which now has an African arm.

The record deal covered the recording, publishing, manufacturing and distribution of her music.  Shashl is not only a singer, she can perfectly play ten instruments which include the guitar, mbira, drums, violin, flute, saxophone and marimba. She also composes her own songs.

Leaked Bedroom Tape

On Sunday, aof Shashl and her former boyfriend and producer Levels, went viral on social media platforms.

In an audio that also did the rounds on social media, Shashl said her ex-lover leaked the video in an attempt to blackmail her after she ended things between them.

Prior to the leak of the pictures of the music producer had been leaked and he issued an apology saying his phone was hacked, a claim that was refuted by Shashl.

She told State media that his phone was not stolen. The songstress accused Levels of being a bitter man and intentionally leaking their explicit content to embarrass her.

She also claimed that she was manipulated and forced into the relationship by Levels who also raped her at times.  “He forced me into the situation. He would force me to sleep with him when I didn’t want to.

It started on social media when people were saying Levels and Shashl are dating, yet we were not. He is actually the one who posted that story.

Later on, he started to corner me to sleep with him. I refused on several occasions before he threatened me that he would not record my music,” Shashl said.

Shashl has been unlucky in love. She used to date Godfrey Utsiwegota who assaulted her and was fined $600 for the offence. Shashl was left unconscious after she was assaulted on July 26 at the popular nightclub, Pabloz.

Her father Obadiah Moyo reported the matter on her behalf and when she appeared in court during her boyfriend’s trial, she said she never reported a case of assault.

“It’s my father who reported the matter to the police. I even told my father that I don’t want to report the issue and he wrote the statement,” she said.  Shashl told the court that she was leaving Pabloz at around 2:30AM when Ovio Mgijima, a South African national, confronted her, pulled her wig and assaulted her unprovoked.

She said her boyfriend then joined in the assault and was only stopped by security at Pabloz.  Two Pabloz security guards however testified that Shashl was assaulted by Ovio and not by Utsiwegota.

The bouncers further said that she provoked the South African national by pouring wine on her. Utsiwegota said Shashl poured wine on Ovio because she thought he was dating her. When he took to the stand he denied  assaulting   her.

Chillspot co-owner Levels, real name Tafadzwa Kadzimwe initially denied they were an item. This was after social media users speculated the two were doing more than just recording hit songs together.

He said they were spending tine together because he was also doubling as her manager.  “The truth is I am not having a love affair with Shashl. Actually, I am her manager, that’s why I spend most of my time with her,” Levels said.

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