Satanism fear at a primary school in Harare

A PRIMARY school in Harare was forced to close last Thursday following reports that one of the teachers had bitten five children.

Parents and guardians besieged Blackfordby Primary School, in Southley Park, baying for the removal of a teacher reported to have bitten the students in a suspected satanism scare.

School deputy headmaster, Mr Mushove, dismissed the allegations saying one of the students spread the “falsehoods.”

“We are not allowed to speak to the press but we have since informed relevant authorities about the incident,” said Mushove.

“One of the pupils was reported to have left class and spread falsehoods accusing one of the teachers to have bitten five pupils.

“None of the pupils were bitten as reported and the coming of parents and guardians in their numbers disturbed the smooth flow of lessons.

“You can seek comment from relevant authorities,” he said.

A visit at the school saw teachers conducting their lessons smoothly yesterday.

It was clear that order had been restored after the chaos of last week.


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