SA: Road sign spelling error left social media in disbelief

The incorrect spelling of a road sign in Hanover Park, Cape Town, left social media users in disbelief as the word “SCHOOL” was misspelt as “SHCOOL” on Thursday.

Ward 48 councillor Zahid Badroodien said the error was an honest mistake that could have been made by anyone.

“The mistake in Blomvlei Road was quickly picked up on the same day by people on the ground and they corrected it immediately,” added Badroodien.

“There may be some frustration with the fact it was made in the first place and some people are suggesting wastage of money, but the fact that it was immediately fixed shows how responsive we are in attending to mistakes.”

On social media, users found the error amusing, with many poking fun at the City of Cape Town.

One user joked:

Guys, it was word shedding when they wrote the famous school.


Another added: “School is ‘shcool’, get over it – everyone makes mistakes.”

When the problem was fixed an update was posted on Facebook that said: “To the people in Hanover Park, you can send your kids to school now! And don’t forget to pay your ‘shcool’ fees. Thank you, Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis, and team!”

Badroodien added residents saw the humour in the error, with one person even offering to assist in fixing the error with Tippex.

“It was funny, on social media at least, but I am grateful the City got to fixing it on the same day – despite it being an embarrassing mistake.

“This reminds us that we don’t have to be serious about something this small when there are so many bigger issues to worry about,” he said.


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